Rationale for the $6 Million Raise

The seed round target of $6 million is strategically set to prepare for a substantial Series A round, aiming to secure a valuation uplift and accelerate growth. The funds will primarily facilitate product development, market expansion, and operational enhancements.

1. Product Development

a. Acceleration in the development of new financial products, including advanced trading bots and comprehensive banking services.

2. Market Expansion

a. Expansion into new geographical regions.

b. Increased marketing efforts to boost user acquisition and brand visibility.

3. Regulatory and Broker-Dealer Acquisitions

a. Acquisitions to navigate complex regulatory environments and expand service offerings.

4. Talent Acquisition

a. Hiring industry experts in technology, finance, and regulatory compliance to enhance team capabilities.

5. Infrastructure Enhancement

a. Significant investments in technology to improve platform scalability and security.

Financial Projections

Post-Raise Revenue Forecast

· Year 1: Projected revenue of $36-44 million, driven by existing and newly launched products.

· Year 2: Expected to increase to $75-110 million with full operational banking services and expanded bot functionalities.

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