Seed Raise Details

What is the Gray Digital Seed Raise?

Gray Digital is presenting an exclusive investment opportunity in its seed round before commencing a major Series A funding round with prominent venture capital groups. This document serves as a comprehensive guide to prospective investors, detailing the financial, strategic, and product-related aspects of Gray Digital. It is designed to equip investors with the knowledge needed to understand the potential of their investment and the company's future trajectory.

Introduction to Gray Digital

Founded with a vision to revolutionize digital finance, Gray Digital has successfully established itself as a leader in innovative financial solutions. With a focus on scalability, user experience, and product diversity, Gray Digital has exceeded $12 million in annual revenue and has maintained profitability, showcasing the effectiveness of its business model and operational efficiency.

Seed Raise Overview & Objectives:

· Raise Amount: $6 million

· Post-Money Valuation: $60 million

· Equity Offered: 10%

· Minimum Contribution: $30,000

· Number of Contribution Spaces: 200

· When: May 8-15th, 2024

Exclusive Benefits for Investors:

· Digital share certificates secured on blockchain

· Access to exclusive investor community channels

· Early access to new product releases, testing, and beta phases

· Invitations to exclusive corporate events

· Lifetime subscription to Gray Digital Pro services

· Preferred access to available space in the Gray Fund after the hard cap is reached*

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