Security Updates

A page dedicated to Gray Digital Security Updates

CertiK Audit

The Gray Digital + Gray Fund have completely finished a comprehensive audit and KYC with CertiK ( Eight members of or backend and executive team have completed their full KYC and the Gray Digital was awarded with their Gold KYC badge. The Certik audit ensures that the smart contracts utilized by Gray Digital are safe and secure for participating members.

Chainalysis On-Chain Monitoring

Chainalysis is a platform that performs AML checks, company wallet monitoring, user wallet monitoring, malicious transaction detection and various other services, to block and detect users who are using the platform with malicious intent. The Chainalysis entity identifications go through a rigorous confirmation process and have been used by law enforcement to investigate and prosecute notable cases. Services provided by Chainanysis:

  • Automated and continuous address, wallet, and transaction screening provide real-time alerts to prevent interactions with illicit actors

  • Chainalysis offers an API to access and monitor this data in real time.

  • Their Reactor product is the industry standard for investigating cryptocurrency transactions. This product would allow us to trace transactions with advanced analytical capabilities, such as automatic peel chain detection and cross-chain graphing, in order to identify and prosecute any potential bad actors.

  • Crypto forensics tools and visual analytics for investigating and tracing the movement of funds when evaluating suspicious activity

This partnership is essential to protecting participating members as well as the Gray Digital company. You can read more about the services on their website at:

Multi-Signature Smart Contracts

As part of bringing enhanced security to the Gray Fund— the implementation of multi-signature interactions with our smart contracts has been added. All smart contract functions require 3/5 multi-sig wallet addresses to approve a new action or change. We have also added a time lock smart contract on the movement of funds to allow the team to catch anything malicious or exploits before they have a chance of removing funds. All multi-sig wallet addresses, time lock smart contracts, multi-sig smart contracts, and vault smart contracts on all chains are now posted for transparency on our official documentation (Contracts & Multi-Sig Addresses). This section of the documentation will be regularly updated to reflect changes in addresses or smart contract updates on all chains and networks.

Gray Fund 2-Factor Authentication

Gray Fund Participating Members will have the option to enable 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) on their Gray Fund account. This allows users increased security measures to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. Although this feature is not required, it is highly suggested. When combined with the use of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Participating Members have a formidable defense against loss of funds.

Gray Fund Interaction Signatures

Another addition to our security protocol within the Gray Fund is the addition of signatures on all Gray Fund interactions. This means that if you are doing any sort of function within the Gray Fund (Deposit, withdrawal, change settings, etc.,) you will be required to sign a signature which just tells us that you are the one making the request and not someone spoofing your wallet address. If users are using 2-factor authentication they will instead be asked for their 2FA code when making Gray Fund interactions.

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