Gray Digital Definitions

Clarifying terminology used by the Gray Digital Platform


Principal Balance Principal is the original amount of investment made in Gray Digital, or a sum of all investments, separate from any earnings or interest accrued.

Reward Balance Rewards are the returns for providing financial Principal to Gray Digital; it consists of dividends and withdrawals from income of reinvested earnings, rewards and interest provided by the Gray Digital to Participating Members on a monthly basis.

“Participating Members” as defined by Gray Digital A Gray Digital Participating Member is one who has completed any and all required membership documentation. Has paid their monthly membership fee of $200.00*. And who has actively participated in Gray Digital Projects & Services such as funding a principal balance in the Gray Fund. Also see Gray Digital Participating Members.

Products & Services The term Products & Services refers to the Gray Digital Platform, which includes: The Gray Fund, The Gray Trading Services, Website, Twitter page, Discord community, Decentralized Application, transfer of funds, White Paper, Terms of Service. *indicates subject to change

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