Bot Update - November 2023

Highlighted Updates from October to November

The Bots are coming!

The Gray Market is expanding its offerings with the imminent launch of its Trading Services, featuring a suite of four Algo and engine based Trading Bots tailored to different investor needs. At the outset, the service will include three custodial bots and one API non-custodial bot. This API bot, which caters exclusively to crypto markets, is designed to integrate with various exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Bitget, Okex, Kucoin, and Bitfinex.

Our primary crypto-based trading bot has been fine-tuned over nearly a year of beta testing, yielding an impressive average daily return of 0.3% across 342 days for beta users. Full details and historical trade data for this bot will be available below, and in our documentation, and is reserved for Pro Members of the Gray Market only. Access tiers to the Gray Market Trading Services & Bots is below.

The four custodial bots are split between three for crypto markets with specific trading pairs and one for traditional finance, leveraging a version of the algorithm powering the Gray Fund, but only for specific trades that handle high volume.

The fee structure for these custodial bots is set at 15%, applied only to profits at the point of withdrawal, aligning with the Gray Fund’s model. In a strategic move to introduce users to the Trading Services within the ecosystem, one crypto-based custodial trading bot will be openly accessible to the public without holding a Pro Subscription. The other two bots, alongside additional Pro Member benefits such as advanced trading alerts and proprietary charting access, will be exclusive to Pro Members. These tools, used by the platform's creators, provide insights into the same trading pairs managed by the bots, empowering users to make informed trading decisions independently.

Here's what our community and users can look forward to in the coming months:

Five Cutting-Edge Trading Bots

→ 4x Custodial Bots: Three highly sophisticated engine based custodial trading bots tailored for both crypto and traditional financial markets.

→ 1x API Non-Custodial Bot: A crypto-specific bot capable of integrating with multiple exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Bitget, Okex, Kucoin, and Bitfinex.

  • Custodial Bot 1 [GC1: 3.5x Paired Algorithm - Crypto]: This bot, reserved for Pro Members, boasts an average daily return of 0.3% over nearly a year of beta testing, with full historical data to be detailed in the documentation section covering the trading services and bots.

  • Custodial Bot 2 [GC2: Variable 5x Technical Indicator - Crypto]: This bot, reserved for Pro Members, uses our proprietary, in-house designed technical indicator, currently with five pairs.

  • Custodial Bot 3 [GC3: 5x Watson Engine - TradeFi]: This bot, reserved for Pro Members, utilizes the Watson Engine, and is a high volume version of one of the proprietary Gray Fund market earning strategies.

  • Custodial Bot 4 [GC4: MEV/Arbitrage - Crypto]: This bot, open to everyone, is completely on chain, and effectively exploits price discrepancies across exchanges or pools by simultaneously buying low and selling high.

  • Self-Custodial Bot [GS1: Restricted 2x Technical Indicator - Crypto]: This bot, reserved for Pro Members, uses statistical tools like Moving Averages and the RSI to analyze historical price data and predict market movements, aiding in determining entry and exit points for trades. This method requires combining indicators and thorough back and forward testing to minimize risks and false signals.

Fee Structure and Accessibility:

In our financial framework, both crypto and traditional market-based custodial bots are governed by a performance fee strategy reflective of the Gray Fund's model. For these bots, a 15% fee on profits is levied at the time of fund withdrawal. To encourage exploration and engagement within our ecosystem, we are introducing an Open Access Bot that is accessible to the public at no cost. This initiative allows users to familiarize themselves with our platform through hands-on experience without incurring any fees. However, the performance fee policy for non-custodial bots, which could operate differently from their custodial counterparts, is still under consideration and has yet to be established.

Our Pro Members are set to benefit from an exclusive array of features and partnerships designed to enhance their trading experience. We're thrilled to announce an upcoming exclusive partnership with ByBit, which will be a game-changer for our Pro users who trade on their platform. This partnership will allow Pro Members to trade on ByBit without incurring any exchange-related fees, providing a significant cost advantage. Along with fee exemptions, Pro Members will also enjoy additional perks courtesy of ByBit, further elevating their trading experience. For more information on ByBit and the advantages this partnership brings, please visit ByBit's website.

New Partnership:

In our continuous effort to provide a secure trading environment, we've partnered with leading crypto-based insurance providers, including Coincover. This collaboration ensures that our members are protected against a range of digital asset risks. For details on the protective measures and insurance solutions offered by Coincover, please visit Coincover's website. As with the Gray Fund, these trading services will undergo monthly/quarterly audits by the firm Moore, and regular AUPs will be provided to the community, reinforcing the platform's commitment to transparency and trust.

Our Pro Members can also look forward to an enriched interface on our website and dashboard, which is currently being updated to better feature these new offerings and ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, we prioritize transparency; hence, trades executed by our bots will be reported on our dashboard with a delay to maintain security.

Furthermore, our Pro Members will have access to TradingView's tools and resources at a discounted rate, and they can dive deep into market analysis through an integrated section dedicated to TradingView within our trading services. This is complemented by our educational resources, including weekly technical analysis videos and live streams.

Trading Bot Deposit Caps:

We've also tailored our trading bot options to suit the needs of different markets. Crypto trading bots will have a limited deposit cap due to liquidity considerations, while traditional market bots will have a higher cap, with each bot's strategy dictating the specific cap limits. This ensures that our services are finely tuned to the market conditions and strategies used by our bots. Minimum and maximum deposit amounts will also vary per product, relative to the cap.

Projected Performance:

To provide a visual representation of what our users can expect, we have crafted charts depicting the projected performance based on historical data:

These charts illustrate the potential of our trading bots, with the daily returns chart indicating the performance volatility and the cumulative returns chart displaying the growth potential over time. Shown in the charts, is [GC1: 3.5x Paired Algorithm - Crypto]. This bot, reserved for Pro Members, boasts an average daily return of 0.3% over nearly a year of beta testing, with full historical data to be detailed in the documentation section covering the trading services and bots.

In summary, the Gray Market's Trading Services are designed to empower our users—whether they choose to leverage our automated bots or make their own informed decisions using our tools. We remain steadfast in our commitment to security, transparency, and innovation within this space.

Stay tuned for more detailed updates, including pair-specific information and performance tiers, as we approach the launch.

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