Fund Update - April 2024

Highlighted updates from March-April

March Performance:

March Returns (%): 13.19%

March Returns ($): $6,089,060.12

Total Fund Balance: $52,282,111.66

Total Withdrawals: $17,349,640.41

Total Deposits: $28,952,902.34

Total Funds Generated: $40,862,104.60

Platform Fee's Generated: $2,071,347.38

Pro Users: 798

Average User Deposit: $36,281.83

Average Monthly Return (%): 15.55%

Months Active: 22

Market Insights: March 2024 Overview

March has wrapped up, bringing with it a mix of challenges and achievements that remind us of the resilience and cleverness that define investing. The market’s journey was filled with ups and downs, each providing valuable lessons and a stronger resolve.

Market Volatility: From the energetic exchanges of Wall Street to London's historic trading floors, and across to Tokyo’s bustling markets, our major indices like the S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225 showed us the power of staying calm and collected. Their movements, though sometimes shaky, showcased our shared confidence in navigating uncertainties.

Smart Moves in Finance: This month, the action in derivatives and options was more pronounced, highlighting the savvy strategies investors employ. The way risks were handled and opportunities were captured speaks to the thoughtful and innovative approaches defining today’s investment landscape. It’s a testament to the smart planning and forward thinking that drive success in finance.

Reading the Economy: Every piece of economic data, every hint from central banks, was a clue we all sought to understand the bigger picture. This collective effort to make sense of the economic environment isn’t just about keeping steady—it’s about moving forward with intent and hope, showing how economic trends and policy shifts deeply influence our plans and expectations.

As we step into April, it’s this blend of adaptability and dedication that will lead the way. Our aim to not just get by but to excel in the midst of market changes remains firm.

More fund and platform updates:

Gray: I'm thrilled to share some significant updates and enhancements we've made to the Gray Fund (and ecosystem as a whole), all designed to provide you with a smoother, more secure, and feature-rich user experience.

New Integrations: Solana & Tron - In our continuous effort to expand our ecosystem and offer more versatility and options, we're excited to announce that we have integrated both Solana and Tron. These integrations mean you'll have access to faster transactions and a broader range of tokens to explore and transact with on our platform. These new integrations are platform wide - and apply to all products and services.

Fireblocks & AML Solutions: Security and compliance are paramount, and with our new partnership with Fireblocks and advanced AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions provided by Coincover and Chainalysis, all transactions on the platform are not just faster but also more secure. Fireblocks is now fully deployed for all services and products, including Pro subscriptions, trading services, and the Gray Fund. These integrations help in monitoring and protecting transactions from any fraudulent activities, ensuring peace of mind.

Pro Subscription Payments via Crypto: You asked, and we listened! We're thrilled to introduce the option to pay for your Pro Subscription using crypto stablecoins. This addition is part of our commitment to embracing the crypto economy and providing more flexibility in how you use our services. Users who opt to use this payment method will be sent reminders while logged in, and alerted on the dashboard in advance, as payments will need to be completed by the user monthly (not auto pay).

Regulatory Structuring: As part of our long-set goal to become compliant in the US, and rest of the world - the Gray Market has completed restructuring to satisfy regulators, and our banking partners under the "Gray Digital" name. Gray Digital will pull together all of our current products and future products under one corporate umbrella. More details on this to follow later this week, including background information, our reasoning, and how it'll help us expand into other areas.

Enhanced Backend Architecture: To ensure that we can manage spikes in activity without a hitch, we've overhauled our backend architecture. This upgrade means smoother operation, even during peak times, ensuring that your experience on our platform is seamless, secure and without any downtime.

Platform Security: As a financial services, and investment platform - security is one of our top priorities, always. As such, a few of the platforms we've engaged and are now utilizing to enhance our security include:

  • Code Security with Aikido: We're now utilizing Aikido for code security, a step that significantly enhances our defense against potential vulnerabilities in our platform's codebase.

  • Platform Security with Cloudflare: Expect robust protection against DDoS attacks, unsafe internet traffic, and more.

  • Transaction Processing with Kafka: To ensure that your transactions are processed efficiently and securely, we've integrated Kafka for transaction processing. This move not only improves the speed of transactions but also their reliability.

These updates are a testament to our commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements firsthand and look forward to your feedback.

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