Fund Update - December 2023

Highlighted updates from November-December

November Performance

November Returns (%): 15.61%

November Returns ($): $4,044,319.01

Total Fund Balance: $29,949,724.77

Total Distributed to Users: $7,003,178.29

Total Funds Generated: $20,733,010.09

Platform Fee's Generated: 874,227.87

Unique Users: 692

Average User Deposit: $28,438.74

Average Monthly Return (%): 16.13%

Months Active: 18

Gray Market Trading Services Announced

The Gray Market is expanding its offerings with the imminent launch of its Trading Services, featuring a suite of four Algo and engine based Trading Bots tailored to different investor needs. For more information on the Trading Services, see Trading Bot Updates.

Gray Market <> Grid+ Partnership Announcement

The Gray Market Team places the utmost importance on the safety and security of crypto assets. Cryptocurrency requires self-custody, a responsibility we take seriously. We encourage our members to employ the most effective security measures available. Among the various options for crypto hardware wallets, the Grid Plus Lattice1 hardware wallet and SafeCard system stand out for their quality and versatility. We recommend that our community members review the Grid Plus Hardware Wallet system for themselves at Grid Plus. For more information on this partnership, and the exclusive offers for Gray Market Pro Members, Please visit the discord and review the pro-updates section.

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