Fund Update - September 2023

Highlighted updates from August-September

August Performance

August Returns (%): 17.11%

August Returns ($): $2,488,831.37

Total Fund Balance: 17,039,042.62

Distributed to Users: 2,989,190.85

Funds Generated: 10,968,643.35

Unique Users: 362

Average Monthly Return (%): 16.32%

Monthly Active: 15

More Network Options

The Gray Fund is expanding its multi-chain ecosystem! As of August 2023, Participating Members can now deposit and withdrawal using the following networks:

  • Ethereum Network

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon Network *NEW*

The Gray Fund will soon be accepting deposits on the following networks / chains:

  • Arbitrum Network

  • Optimism Network

  • Base Network

  • Avalanche Network

More networks will be added over time, as they are requested. Some may ask: Why more networks?— and the simple answer is that it opens us up to be truly a multi-chain ecosystem, and it allows Gray Digital to provide our users with more options, and to grow our reach to more users and platforms.

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