How to Join Gray Digital

The Gray Digital Team encourages all Participating Members to review the official White Paper and all legal documentation prior to interacting with any Gray Digital Products and Services.

1. Request Access via Gray Digital Website

  • Navigate to the Gray Digital Website

  • Locate the Fund section of the website

  • Request Access to Gray Digital

  • Submit a wallet address that you plan to utilize to deposit funds and interact with Gray Digital Products & Services. Note that the wallet address provides access to the dApp (Decentralized Application)

  • Submit a Discord or Telegram name with your request (Discord is recommended

  • You can check the status of your Whitelist request on the website

2. Establish Gray Digital Pro Monthly Membership

  • Visit the Gray Digital Pro Subscription section

  • Pay the monthly Gray Digital Pro Monthly Membership fee of $200.00/per month

  • Use a credit card payment method with Stripe payment services

  • The Gray Digital Team is working on making the Pro Membership fee payable via Crypto in the near future

3. Whitelist approval

  • Once a User has requested access and established the monthly membership fee, their access will be approved after being reviewed by the Gray Digital screening and verification process. This process includes wallet address screening via Chainalysis. More information regarding this process can be found in the White Paper documentation

  • Whitelist approvals typically happen one week prior to the deposit window

  • Whitelist approvals are announced in the discord free chat as they are approved in batches

4. Access dApp on website

  • Once a User has been approved for access, visit the website and navigate to the [Enter dApp] button at the top right of the webpage

  • Then (Connect Wallet) by connecting to the dApp utilizing a wallet service such as MetaMask, Wallet Connect or Rabby

  • *Although not required, it is HIGHLY recommended that all participating members utilize a dedicated Hardware Wallet when connecting to Gray Digital and any other Web3 applications*

  • Read and accept the Terms of Use. All Gray Digital Participating Members are required to read and accept the Terms of Use prior to utilizing any Gray Digital Products & Services

5. Utilize Gray Digital Products & Services

  • A successful connection to Gray Digital will show a green circle next to your wallet address at the top right of the webpage

  • You can now interact with Gray Digital Products and Services

  • Take advantage of the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for increased security

  • Read the White Paper and the Gray Digital FAQ section

  • Monitor the events to participate in Gray Fund Deposits, Withdrawals and Community Spaces

Note: If you encounter a problem at any time during this process, open a support-ticket in the discord. Please provide detailed information about your issue and be prepared to share screen shots if necessary.

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