Treasury Allocation

How are the funds deployed?

When a Participating Member invests with the Gray Digital platform, the funds are utilized by the Gray Digital team and are professionally managed to optimize returns. The following is an approximate estimate of Participating Members deposits and rewards and their allocation within the Gray Fund. Approximately 70% of Participating Members funds are invested via the brokerage and 30% is either held in the 3rd party custodian or participating in a market/investment that does not utilize a brokerage for interaction. The approximate 70% of invested funds are diversified among the various investments listed in the Investments section. The percentage of investments per investment are variable.

The approximate 30% of funds held by the custodian allows for Participating Members to withdraw rewards without impacting mid to long term investment strategies.

Gray Digital also utilizes the certified Bank Letter of Credit (LOC) to further collateralize and create reserves of the Participating Members funds. These funds are invested in multiple markets to create additional yield which are passed along to the Participating Members. These funds are also utilized to be held as reserves in the form of additional liquidity on hand for withdrawals therefore creating stability and security. More information can be found in the Gray Digital Operations section.

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