Gray Digital is constantly updating and evolving to remain compliant

Gray Digital Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Gray Digital has a dedicated Chief Compliance Officer who oversees the organizations compliance. Taylor Lee is responsible for several functions related to the Gray Digital including Regulatory Expertise, Policy Direction, Employee Training, Oversight and Internal Auditing, Communications, Enforcement, Continuous Enhancement of Documentation and Products, and Risk Management. Taylor Lee serves as the Compliance Officer and is instrumental in ensuring our organization remains aligned with both external regulations and our internal policies. More details about Taylor can be found here:

pageThe Gray Digital Team

The Gray Digital, and by extension the Gray Fund— is represented by Perkins Coie LLP. Perkins Coie LLP is an international law firm that has a team who specializes in digital assets, funds, and regulatory structuring. The legal team is focused on obtaining the licenses to better position Gray Digital for when regulation comes, and advising Gray Digital how best to protect investors and their funds.

Here is a list of licenses Gray Digital aims to obtain in the near future:

Money Service Business Registration, Consumer Credit License, Money Transmitter License, Financing Law License, Money Broker License Lender License, Foreign Registrations, Virtual Currency Operator License, Securities Dealer.

More information about Perkins Coie LLP and their services can be found on their website:

Partnership with Chainalysis

Gray Digital has partnered with Chainalysis to help bring the Gray Digital into a more regulatory position as we work towards being compliant with future regulation requirements. Chainalysis is a platform that performs AML checks, company wallet monitoring, user wallet monitoring, malicious transaction detection and various other services, to block and detect participants who are using the platform with malicious intent. Other reasons for working with Chainalysis:

  • Meet regulatory requirements while staying ahead of financial crimes and avoiding sanctioned entities/persons/wallets.

  • Protect participating members as well as Gray Digital, increase consumer trust, and maintain brand reputation

You can read more about the services they provide on their website at:

Monthly Third Party Financial Audit (Coming soon)

The monthly financial audit for the Gray Fund— and by extension the Trading Services and other services that are coming soon is currently underway with a reputable auditing, financial health and financial verification service catering to both blockchain and real-world funds. The Gray Digital has been engaged with this firm, and will be moving forward with their audit of our fund, and assets under management. The Gray Digital team is hoping to have our first audit completed within the next 60 days, as a lot of things go into the structure of our agreement with them, NDA’s, and how the audit will be performed. A sample of what were talking to them about will be shared shortly once contracts have been signed. We plan on having them audit the fund monthly. More details will be posted as they come available.

Disclosures, Policies & Agreements

Gray Digital has several applicable Disclosures, Policies & Agreements that directly impact and are agreed upon by all Gray Digital participants. More information about these documents can be found here:

pageDisclosures, Policies & Agreements

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