Fund Update - March 2024

Highlighted updates from February-March

March Performance:

As of February 24th, 2024

February Returns (%): 12.26%

February Returns ($): $5,103,444.49

Total Fund Balance: $46,738,194.79

Total Withdrawals: $13,647,035.67

Total Funds Generated: $34,773,044.48

Platform Fee's Generated: $1,640,310.66

Pro Users: 728

Average User Deposit: $31,891.79

Average Monthly Return (%): 15.66%

Months Active: 21

Market Insights: February 2024 Overview

This month, the markets showed impressive strength, even as investors globally navigated through various challenges with a careful and informed approach. These developments have given us important insights into where the economy stands now and what we might expect moving forward.

Resilience Amidst Uncertainty: The modest upticks in major indices, including the S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225, reflect a collective confidence in the underlying strength of the economy.

Strategic Use of Derivatives and Options: The derivatives and options markets have witnessed heightened activity, underscoring the sophisticated strategies employed by investors to manage risk and leverage opportunities. This trend highlights the growing importance of these financial instruments in crafting agile and responsive market strategies that can withstand volatility and capitalize on emerging trends.

Macro-economic Influences and Policy Anticipations: The pulse of the market continues to be significantly influenced by macro-economic indicators and central bank policies. Investors remain vigilant, parsing through economic data and policy announcements for clues on future movements. This focus on macro-economic trends underscores the critical role of informed analysis and strategic anticipation in successful investment decision-making.

As we look ahead, our commitment to staying ahead of market trends and aligning with benchmark projections remains unwavering. Our strategic focus is geared towards balancing risk and opportunity, ensuring that we navigate the evolving market conditions with precision and foresight.

Exciting Developments and New Additions to Our Team!

We're thrilled to share some significant updates and welcome our new team members who joined us this month. Each brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our growing team:

  • Tammy P, stepping in as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). Her profile speaks volumes of her vast experience and leadership capabilities.

  • James L, our new Chief Information Officer (CIO), is a seasoned expert in technology risk, governance, and compliance, with a robust track record in banking, capital markets, and startups. His certifications include CISA, CCSK, CCAK, ITIL v4 Foundation, AWS, and Azure.

  • Shawn C, joining as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is a certified CPA and tax expert from New York, boasting over a decade of experience in tax filing and planning for both individuals and businesses.

  • Pollen C, our latest Lead UX/UI Designer, ready to innovate and enhance our user experience with fresh, creative ideas.

  • Richard N, our Chief Legal Officer (CLO), is a seasoned legal advisor with 30 years of experience. He's just getting acquainted with our project/company and will soon make a formal introduction, aligning closely with Perkins Coie to oversee our day-to-day legal and compliance needs.

Please note that all our new hires, except Richard and Shawn, are in Discord.

Small Project Updates:

  • Trading Services: We are on the brink of launching our Pro version, with final touches being added to ensure an exceptional user experience. I'll be sharing more insights and a sneak peek into the new UI in the Trading Services channel this weekend.

  • Banking Services: Final stages are underway, focusing on compliance and backend enhancements. A detailed overview will soon be available in our newly established banking channel, outlining the services and their integration into the Gray Market ecosystem. Expect a comprehensive update in our upcoming whitepaper, targeting a rollout by mid to late April.

A Hint at Something Big:

We're also excited to hint at industry first development that the executive team is finalizing. This innovative venture is set to position the Gray Market uniquely in the industry as a whole - bridging the gap between traditional finance, and the digital asset space. It's worth noting that some of our planned service releases have been strategically delayed to ensure this can be achieved without an major issues, or setbacks.

With all of the new additions to the team this month, and major updates on the horizon, the Gray Market executive team will be participating in an AMA hosted in our channel, where members of our community can engage with the team directly and ask any questions they may have. I will be joining this AMA. We will be highlighting the new ecosystem updates; and as such, will be scheduled with the roll out of the next two service launches.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey to redefine the industry!

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