Fund Update - May 2024

Highlighted updates from April-May

April Performance:

April Returns (%): 12.37%

April Returns ($): $6,297,396.01

Total Fund Balance: $57,216,968.04

Total Withdrawals: $21,866,277.03

Total Deposits: $32,085,518.41

Total Funds Generated: $47,176,385.39

Platform Fee's Generated: $2,532,780.12

Pro Users: 876

Average User Deposit: $36,596.48

Average Monthly Return (%): 15.41%

Months Active: 23

Market Insights: April 2024 Overview:

As April unfolds, we reflect on a month that was as dynamic as ever in the world of finance, underscoring the continuous need for adaptability and insight in investment strategies. The markets in April, much like March, presented a tableau of fluctuating indices and strategic maneuvers that exemplify the ongoing evolution of global financial landscapes.

Market Dynamics: Global markets, from the New York Stock Exchange to Frankfurt and Hong Kong, showed resilience. Key indices like the Dow Jones Industrial, DAX, and Hang Seng navigated the month robustly, reflecting global economic interconnectivity.

Innovative Strategies in Trading: Focus intensified on commodities and green energy, indicating a shift towards sustainability in portfolios. This movement showcased the investor community's ability to adapt to emerging trends, stressing the need for innovation in portfolio management.

Economic Indicators and Forecasts: Analysis of GDP, unemployment, and inflation guided investment strategies. These economic indicators are crucial for crafting responsive and anticipatory strategies, preparing for both expected and unforeseen shifts.

Looking Ahead: The focus remains on vigilance and optimism. Monitoring geopolitical, technological, and policy changes, we aim to not just anticipate but shape the future. Our commitment to leveraging insights and promoting a proactive investment community continues unabated.

Battle Tested:

Withdrawals in March 2024 were higher than normal. I am pleased to inform everyone that all Gray Fund withdrawals have been successfully processed. A total of $5,884,428.72 USD has been disbursed to our users.

Our analysis revealed that approximately 18-20% of our users were exposed to the c4w collapse, leading to above-average withdrawals from the Gray Fund. We utilized Chainalysis to track c4w and set alerts for connected wallets, enabling us to gather this data. We believe that the remaining surplus in withdrawals is directly related to tax exposure for individuals who owe on their 2023 taxes, which is due on April 15th. Based on these findings, we do not anticipate withdrawals to exceed normal estimates in the near future. We are still conducting a thorough analysis, but it is likely that this event added close to one additional month in compound time.

Crypto Pro Payments Now Available: April 11, 2024

After much anticipation and at the request of many users within our community, we are introducing the ability to pay for your monthly, and annual Pro Subscriptions using crypto. This launch is not just about adding another payment method; it's a significant step towards merging traditional finance with the dynamic world of Web3/Digital Assets, further enhancing our platform's versatility between the two spaces.

Here’s what’s new and how it works:

Broad Chain Compatibility: You can now use any of the chains supported by our platform to make Pro payments, giving you the freedom to choose the chain that best suits your needs. Users can use USDT/USDC as payment options on the following chains: Solana, Tron, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Base, Arbitrium, and Binance.

Effortless Transition: Adopting crypto payments is incredibly straightforward. Simply visit the “Change Payment Method” popup within your subscription management portal to update your payment method.

Current Manual Payment Process: While we are starting with manual monthly payments for crypto, we are actively exploring automated solutions like smart contracts to simplify future transactions.

Subscription Management Reminder: Please note that crypto payments require manual renewal each month. To assist you, we have integrated a notification center on our website. Here, you can link your email to receive timely updates and reminders, ensuring you never miss a payment deadline.

Flexibility for New and Existing Users: Crypto payments are available both at signup for new users and as an alternative payment method for existing users. This can be easily configured in your account settings.

Seamless and Secure Payment Integration: Ensure you are signed into your registered wallet when selecting crypto payments. Our system is designed to provide a seamless transaction experience, guiding you through the necessary steps and details for approval and completion.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and suggestions that have helped shape this development. We look forward to continuing to build and innovative solutions with you to create the best investment, and banking platform in the space. If anyone has any questions, or experiences any bugs with the new payment method please open a ⁠│support-ticket, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for trading services, and rebranding announcements this weekend.

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