Bot Update - March 2024

Trading Services & Bots Update

As you all know - our Trading Services is nearing completion, and launch in the coming week. I have outlined some of the key points regarding the automated trading bots, trading services, and what it'll include. Please feel free to open a ⁠│support-ticket or send specific questions in the ⁠│trading-chat so the team and I can ensure they're answered and reflected on the FAQ + Website. This helps us ensure everything is clear and detailed from day one of launch.

What to expect:

  • Suite of 4 sophisticated Algo and engine-based Trading Bots catering to various investor needs

  • Includes 3 custodial bots (crypto and traditional markets) and 1 API non-custodial bot (crypto only)

  • API bot integrates with exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Bitget, OKX, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Apex, and BingX

  • Primary crypto bot: 0.26% average daily return over ~1 year of beta testing

  • Detailed bot performance data

  • Detailed trading and bot information and custodial arrangements will be included in our documentation

Bot Types and Specifics:

Custodial Bots (4):

GC1: 3.5x Paired Algorithm - Crypto

0.26% avg daily return in beta - Full historical data in documentation

GC2: Variable 5x Technical Indicator - Crypto

Proprietary in-house technical indicator - Privately tested - Currently 5 trading pairs

GC3: 5x Watson Engine - TradFi (Pro)

Utilizes Watson Engine - Privately tested - High volume version of a Gray Fund strategy

GC4: MEV/Arbitrage - Crypto

On-chain bot exploiting price discrepancies - Privately tested - Buys low and sells high across exchanges/pools

API Non-Custodial Bot (1):

GS1: Restricted 2x Technical Indicator - Crypto

Uses Moving Averages, RSI for analysis - Predicts trends, entry/exit points - Combines indicators, requires testing - No fees

Access and Fees:

  • All bots require Pro access. With the non-custodial bot having no fees.

  • 10% performance fee on custodial bot profits, charged at withdrawal (matches Gray Fund structure)

  • Pro Members get exclusive access to all bots, advanced alerts, proprietary charting tools, and discounts

Pro Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive ByBit partnership: zero/reduced exchange fees &additional perks

  • Exclusive Binance partnership: zero/reduced exchange fees

  • Insurance coverage through Coincover partnership (pending confirmation on coverage for this product)

  • Enhanced website/dashboard interface (see attached)

  • Unrestricted access to TradingView tools, integrated TradingView section, and charting

  • Delayed copy-trading (for long based positions)*

  • Educational resources: technical analysis videos, how-to's, general and advanced trading information

The new Trading Services offer a diverse range of automated trading solutions powered by sophisticated algorithms, and software, catering to both crypto and traditional markets. The automated bots provide optimized trading strategies while emphasizing transparency, security, and a user-friendly experience.

The combination of advanced technology, comprehensive educational resources, strategic partnerships, and a transparent, community-centric approach positions Gray Digital's Trading Services as a compelling offering in the rapidly evolving digital asset trading landscape. Some of you may have noticed some of the rebranding in the images - keep an eye out for an update on the rebranding.

Note: all number figures shown in the images are for informational purposes only. These will be populated properly with the correct data at launch. All of this information in more detail will be posted in advance in our official documentation for users to familiarize themselves with the new offerings and services.

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