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Companies who have aligned with and agreed to support the Gray Digital Company along with its Participating Members

Grid Plus

The Gray Digital Team places the utmost importance on the safety and security of crypto assets. Cryptocurrency requires self-custody, a responsibility we take seriously. We encourage our members to employ the most effective security measures available. Among the various options for crypto hardware wallets, the Grid Plus Lattice1 hardware wallet and SafeCard system stand out for their quality and versatility. We recommend that our community members review the Grid Plus Hardware Wallet system for themselves at the Grid Plus website. Our growth and the development of new partnerships promise exciting opportunities for our community. Gray Digital Pro Members are eligible for exclusive discounts and promotions from Grid Plus. For more information related to Pro Member promotions, visit the Pro-Updates section of the Gray Digital Discord.

We would like to thank Grid Plus and their CEO, Justin Leroux , for their generosity and for establishing this partnership, bringing such an incredible offer to our Gray Digital Pro Members. We trust this partnership will contribute to the enhanced security and knowledge of our community regarding cryptocurrency self-custody. For more information about Grid Plus and their products, visit their website.


We're excited to provide you with one of this month's update for the Gray Fund. Our latest advancements are designed to enhance security, protection and trust within our platform.

Partnership with Coincover: Enhanced Security for Our Customers

We have established a strategic partnership with Coincover, offering an extra layer of security for our customers. This partnership is particularly crucial in cases where customers lose access to all their key shares. Utilizing Coincover's services in combination with self-storage options ensures our customers can maintain business continuity, even amidst market disruptions. Learn more about Coincover and their services at

Coincover: Blockchain Insurance and Protection Company

Our vision is to foster a safe environment for crypto and blockchain companies, aiming to attract the next billion users. We are committed to ensuring that our users feel confident that their assets are secure from loss or theft, creating a foundation for innovators to develop exciting new products.

Outline of Insurance Coverage Details from the Contract

The insurance protection extends to both the Gray Fund balance and individual user accounts and wallets. Each wallet registered with the Gray Fund is protected with a soft insurance limit of $100k USD per transaction, and a high limit of $500k USD per transaction. This is in addition to the overall fund coverage. Total fund coverage can be amended in the agreement as the Gray Fund grows.

The covered risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Account Takeover: Unauthorized access to digital asset accounts and transactions to alternate wallets.

  • Address Poisoning: Misleading transactions due to closely matched wallet addresses.

  • Biometric Security Failure: Loss of funds due to biometric authentication breaches.

  • Brute Force Attack: Unauthorized access through repeated trial-and-error.

  • Damaged/Stolen Device: Loss of access to crypto assets due to hardware issues.

  • Exit Scams: Theft of deposits in cryptocurrency projects under specific conditions.

  • Insolvency Crypto Asset Access: Recovery of funds if the company ceases trading.

  • Internal Bad Actors: Misuse of credentials by permanent employees to steal assets.

  • Lost Seed Phrase: Loss of the sequence of words required to access crypto wallets.

  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: Compromised communication resulting in asset theft.

  • Multi-factor Security Failure: Losses due to compromised multi-factor authentication.

  • Ransomware: Inaccessibility of digital assets due to ransomware attacks.

  • Sim Swap: Cell phone-based two-factor authentication breaches.

  • Social Engineering: Deception of employees leading to asset theft.

  • Spear Phishing: Targeted email attacks leading to unauthorized access.

  • Supply Chain Hacks: Exploitation of third-party software to steal digital assets.

  • Whaling: High-level impersonation attacks leading to asset theft.

For more information and a copy of the agreement between Coincover and Gray Digital, visit our Discord. For more information on Coincover, please visit their website.

We believe these updates significantly enhance the security and reliability of our platform, reinforcing our commitment to providing a safe and innovative environment for our users and investors.


Our new insurance partner Coincover requires us to use one of their approved custodians. As such, we’re pleased to share with everyone that we’re partnered with Fireblocks as a custodian.

Fireblocks is a leading digital asset custody, settlement, and issuance platform, serving over 1,800 organizations globally. It ensures secure management of digital assets for various financial institutions, including exchanges, custodians, and banks. The platform combines advanced technologies to offer services like Treasury Management, Wallets-as-a-Service, and Tokenization. Notably, Fireblocks has secured over $4 trillion in transactions, demonstrating its reliability in the digital asset space.

Gray Fund's strategic partnership with Fireblocks marks a significant step in enhancing its digital asset management services. This collaboration is particularly noteworthy due to two primary reasons: the increasing demand for smart contract related integration, and the requirement set by Coincover, Gray Fund's new insurance partner, to use one of their approved custodians.

Key Services Offered by Fireblocks

  1. Secure Asset Transfer and Storage: Fireblocks offers an end-to-end secure environment for digital asset transactions and storage. This is crucial for managing the risks associated with digital asset transfers.

  2. API Integration: The platform allows direct API integration with various external services. This integration is critical for Gray Fund, as it enables seamless connection with the insurance provider, security team, chainalysis, and compliance departments. Such connectivity ensures the highest level of security for user funds.

  3. Compliance and Security: Fireblocks is highly compliant with industry standards, providing top-notch security features. This includes advanced measures to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring the safety of digital assets.

  4. Transaction Volume and Experience: Fireblocks has secured over $4 trillion in transactions, a testament to its reliability and efficiency. This experience is invaluable, especially when dealing with high-volume transactions.

  5. Versatility in Services: The platform is utilized by some of the largest cryptocurrency and national banks. Its services encompass everything from secure transactions and wallet management to comprehensive security of assets.

Application on the Gray Fund’s Operations

  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging Fireblocks’ robust security infrastructure, Gray Fund can offer its users an elevated level of asset protection.

  • Seamless Integration: The API connectivity with insurance, security, and compliance entities will streamline operations, ensuring that all aspects of asset management are cohesive and secure.

  • Smart Contract Integration: With the increasing emphasis on smart contracts in the cryptocurrency space, Fireblocks’ capabilities will enable Gray Fund to stay at the forefront of this technological evolution.

  • Insurance Compliance: Meeting the requirements set by Coincover, Fireblocks’ custodial services will align with the insurance mandates, ensuring comprehensive protection for user assets.

This transition to Fireblocks aligns with The Gray Digital's commitment to providing secure, efficient, and compliant digital asset management services to its users.

For more information and a copy of the agreement between Fireblocks and Gray Digital, visit our Discord.

For more detailed information, visit Fireblocks website.

Crypto Lids

The Gray Digital has partnered with the diverse apparel platform Crypto Lids. Crypto Lids will be providing amazing merchandise for our members to purchase from their easy to use online store. Share your enthusiasm for The Gray Digital in style!

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